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October 19 2019

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y'all wanna see a photo of my shrimp I’m pretty sure I just caught speaking directly to god

why tf do y’all keep tagging this “shrimp heaven now”

[because SHRIMP. HEAVEN! NOW!]

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I have been informed that this is in fact… one of Them

MBMBAM - "Bonefolders" (Kinetic Typography) "How do I make my coworkers not think I'm shitting all over their ideas when I laugh at this funny shit that they say?"
from My Brother, My Brother and Me ep 373 (Boston liveshow)


Something I find incredibly cool is that they’ve found neandertal bone tools made from polished rib bones, and they couldn’t figure out what they were for for the life of them. 

Until, of course, they showed it to a traditional leatherworker and she took one look at it and said “Oh yeah sure that’s a leather burnisher, you use it to close the pores of leather and work oil into the hide to make it waterproof. Mine looks just the same.” 

“Wait you’re still using the exact same fucking thing 50,000 years later???”

Well, yeah. We’ve tried other things. Metal scratches up and damages the hide. Wood splinters and wears out. Bone lasts forever and gives the best polish. There are new, cheaper plastic ones, but they crack and break after a couple years. A bone polisher is nearly indestructible, and only gets better with age. The more you use a bone polisher the better it works.”

It’s just. 

50,000 years. 50,000. And over that huge arc of time, we’ve been quietly using the exact same thing, unchanged, because we simply haven’t found anything better to do the job. 

[some more ~discoveries in that vein]
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#I know this post is a lie because you can’t read hieroglyphics

Oh, honey. Honey, no.

FYI - These hieroglyphs read ‘if you can read this: penis’

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October 14 2019



is there any fic about that millennia-old guy who goes around educating people by asking them leading questions and then beheading them?

you know, the socratic methos


I’m trying the Socratic method on my anxiety this morning

M. Should we accomplish this task today as planned?

A. No, no, not today.

M. Ah, very well! Earlier in the week we had determined that today was an optimal day for accomplishing this task, but it seems we were mistaken. How unfortunate. For my own instruction, may I ask what new information has come to light?

A. I’m scared

M. Oh! Say no more! Clearly being scared is a good and sufficient reason not to attempt a task! Shall we cower in bed all day instead? We are not at all scared to do that!

A. Shut up it’s not– it’s just– I’d have to do this other thing first…

M. Indeed! And that other thing is demonstrably impossible!

A. It’s not impossible

M. But it is a sufficient reason for us to put off this desirable accomplishment.

A. I mean it’s not just THAT thing, there’s LOTS of hard and scary things involved–

M. And we are completely incapable of accomplishing anything hard or scary! You have convinced me!


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October 13 2019

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